Original Edition
Das Theater von nebenan

written and illustrated by Sonja Danowski
56 pages, 31,5 x 24,5 cm
published by Bohem Press 2019
ISBN: 9783959390712

Publisher's summary
Siblings Pia and Pablo love playing with their puppet theatre and all its characters. One day Ricky moves in next door. All of a sudden, Pablo stops playing with Pia and the puppets and begins to spend a lot of time with Ricky and his collection of toy cars and planes. Pia is left to play on her own. Until Ricky falls ill… and so the play runs its course.

A story that expresses children’s feelings in an incredibly sensitive way.

Illustrations from the Picture Book Das Theater von nebenan / The Theatre Next Door
pencil, ink, watercolor on Paper

Awarded with the "KIMI Siegel" for diversity in Children's books

Illustrations from this book were selected for
The Children-Spectators . Bologna children's Book Fair . Italy
Sharjah Children´s Reading Festival 2021 . United Arab Emirates
Nami Island International Children's Book Festival 2021. South Korea
CICLA Original Illustration Exhibition 2020 . Shanghai . China


German Edition

Das Theater von nebenan
published by Bohem Press 2019
ISBN: 9783959390712

Dutch Edition
Het theater van hiernaast
published by De Vier Windstreken 2019
ISBN: 9789051167320

Latvian Edition
published by PICK-A-BOOK 2019
ISBN: 9789934199042

Romanian Edition
jocurile copilĂriei
published by Signatura 2020
ISBN: 9786069480533

Turkish Edition
published by KETEBE ÇOCUK 2020
ISBN: 9786057949608

Czech Edition
Divadélko od vedle
published by Edika 2021
ISBN: 9788026616672

Russian edition
Кукольный театр
published by Enas Kniga 2021
ISBN :9785919219682

Bulgarian Edition
Кукленият театър
published by Labyrinth Books 2022
ISBN: 9786197670073

Polish Edition
Teatr po sĄsiedzku
published by Wydawnictwo Tako 2023
ISBN: 9788365480897

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