Illustrations from The picture book the Beginning / pencil, ink, watercolor, gouache on cardboard

Spanish Edition
El Principio
published by Kalandraka Editora Spain 2012
ISBN: 9788492608539

English Edition
The Beginning
published by Kalandraka 2012
ISBN: 9788484647805

Galician Edition
O principio
published by Kalandraka 2012
ISBN: 9788484647799

Italian Edition
published by Kalandraka Italy 2012
ISBN: 9788895933399

Portuguese Edition
O Princípio
published by Kalandraka Portugal 2012
ISBN: 9789898205766

Catalan Edition
published by Kalandraka 2012
ISBN: 9788415170181

Basque Edition
published by Pamiela/Kalandraka 2012
SBN: 9788476817100

Korean Edition
새로운 시작
published by 노란상상 2013
ISBN: 9788997367139

Brazil Edition
O Principio
published by Editora Livre 2013
ISBN: 9788588809192

German Edition
Der Anfang
published by Bohem Press 2014
ISBN: 9783855815418

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