Original Edition
The Forever Flowers

Original story and pictures by Sonja Danowski
text for of the American Edition by Michael J. Rosen
published by Creative Editions 2014
32 pages, 24 x 31 cm
ISBN: 9781568462738

Publisher's summary
In this tender story about the virtues of finding, keeping, and letting go, a young grouse is waylaid on her seasonal migration and carries her precious cargo to a new land.

As the bird's favorite Forever Flowers grow from planted seeds to blooming flowers, she discovers how unexpectedly one can stumble upon happiness and breathe into the contentment of life's quiet moments, even amidst the winter's dark. When spring arrives again, though, the grouse must make a decision: should she stay or fly away?

The Forever Flowers / pencil, ink, watercolor, gouache on paper

Sketches and Primary pencil drawings


English Edition
The Forever Flowers
published by Creative Editions 2014
ISBN: 9781568462738

Japanese Edition
published by Kumon Shuppan 2014
translated by Mimi Hachikai
ISBN: 9784774323411

Korean Edition
영원의 꽃
published by 노란상상 2015
ISBN: 9788997367382

Italian Edition
I Fiori Senza Tempo
published by Emme Edizioni 2023
ISBN: 9788829604845

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