English edition
The Gift of the Magi
written by O. Henry
illustrated by Sonja Danowski
published by Minedion 2013
32 pages, 22 x 33 cm
ISBN: 9789888240579

Publisher's summary
In many ways, "Gift of the Magi" is a story about the true value of a thing. This is a timeless love story that’s brought richly to life by Sonja Danowski’s masterfully rendered illustrations, which bring out all the warmth and emotion of the story.

It’s an edition that will bring Christmas cheer to both new and longtime fans of this classic.Love is the only thing which can be wasted and it still comes back in multiple ways. See the flower of love grow in this book!

Illustrations from the Picture Book The Gift of the Magi


German Edition
Das Geschenk der Weisen
published by Minedition 2013
ISBN: 9783865661746

English Edition USa
The Gift of the Magi
published by Minedition USA 2013
ISBN: 9789888240579

English Edition UK
The Gift of the Magi
published by Minedition HongKong 2013
ISBN: 9789881595546

French Edition
Le cadeau des rois mages
published by Minedition France 2013
ISBN: 9782354132101

Italian Edition
Il Dono dei Magi
published by Minedition Italy 2013
ISBN: 9788897989202

Korean Edition
크리스마스 선물
published by Jakkajungsin 2015
ISBN: 9788972889083

Russian Edition
Дары волхвов
published by Ripol Classics 2016
ISBN: 9785386086992

Bulgarian Edition
Даровете на влъхвите
published by Labyrinth Books 2017
ISBN: 9786197055382

Ukrainian Edition
Дари волхвів
published by Nebo Booklab Publishing 2017
ISBN: 9786177537211

Chinese Edition
published by Tianlue Books Co.,Ltd.2017
ISBN: 9787559608543

Romanian Edition
Darul magilor
published by Signatuta 2019
ISBN: 9786069480496

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