original edition
Im Garten mit Flori

written and illustrated by Sonja Danowski
56 pages, 31,5 x 24,5 cm
published by NordSüd Verlag March 2021
ISBN: 9783314105647

Publisher's summary
Linn, a budding gardener, is eager to help take care of Grandpa’s garden while his broken foot heals. But when Linn and her mischievous dog, Flori, visit his greenhouse, something unexpected happens and she soon realizes how valuable friends are in sticky situations.

Told with warmth and exquisite illustrations,“In the Garden with Flori” reminds us that love, patience, and a sense of humor help any garden to flower.

Illustrations from the Picture Book Im Garten mit Flori / In the Garden with Flori
pencil, ink, watercolor on paper


German edition
Im Garten mit Flori
published by NordSüd Verlag 2021
ISBN: 9783314105647

English edition
In the Garden with Flori
published by NorthSouth Books 2022
ISBN: ‎9780735844582

Romanian edition
published by Signatura 2021
ISBN: 9786069071304

Russian edition
Дедушкин сад
published by Enas Kniga 2021
ISBN: 9785919219675

Dutch edition
Opa's tuin
published by De Vier Windstreken 2022
ISBN: 9789051168518

Turkish edition
published by Beyaz Balina Yayınları 2024
ISBN: 9786051882598

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